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Why You Missed Loopdesk

There are many reasons why you missed Loopdesk. We had the same problems and thought we had to find a solution.

We used to use Excel spreadsheets to get feedback from our customers. It was a better alternative to sending mails back and forth. But from many aspects these spreadsheets were unsuitable for our use case for the following reasons.

  • For each feedback, the customer had to fill in far too many columns and awkwardly formulate in a short text what exactly they meant. Especially for customers without web expertise this was tedious.

  • Often enough, these feedbacks were formulated in a way that was misleading, which led to follow-up questions or incorrect implementation.

  • The structure on these tables was missing: you could not sort feedacks as you would like or hide implemented feedback.

  • Often we had to search links for shared tables in old emails or chat histories, because there was no notification for new entries.

  • And Excel spreadsheets look massively unprofessional. For that reason alone, we would have liked to have our own tool.

Yes, we know that we are not the first with such a tool. However, we have a few USPs over the others, such as the fact that the customer does not need an account and also no browser plugin. In addition, the content can be edited and suggested directly in a way that has not been done before... 😎