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4 Ways To Integrate

Loopdesk can be integrated into a website in many different ways. This article presents the possible integration options.

Note: You can also install Loopdesk on your live site. The end user will not notice anything, because Loopdesk is only activated with the "feedback link".

Way 1: Via Script

The most common method is to integrate Loopdesk via script. The script can be copied from the app and pasted at the bottom of any HTML (before the </body>). Thus Loopdesk is present and started if necessary (with the feedback link).

Way 2: with nuxt.js

Loopdesk offers a code snippet, which you can copy directly into your nuxt.config.js. Make sure that it is embedded in the head.scripts.

Way 3: with next.js

Loopdesk provides a code snippet that you can copy directly into your Page component. Please note that this script is present on all pages, so that the seamless function of Loopdesk can be guaranteed.

Way 4: with the WordPress plugin

The WordPress plugin store (coming soon) offers you a Loopdesk Integrator plugin. You can install it and enter the key, which you get in the integration popup. Now you have successfully installed Loopdesk on all pages of your WordPress instance. You can download the plugin here: Loopdesk plugin

Your way

Have you developed your own way to integrate the script? We would love to hear about it! Please write us at info@loopdesk.io if you want to share your code snippet with us!

Suggest integration

Do you have an idea which integration option is still missing? We would love to hear from you and add it if necessary! Please drop us a line at info@loopdesk.io and we'll take a look.