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Use Loops

Loops are designed to neatly organize multiple feedback loops. It's not often that web pages are viewed in multiple rounds and that's why we developed the Loops. As soon as a new feedback round starts, a new loop can be created and activated. The new feedbacks will be assigned to the new loop.

Feedback Loop Assignment

Loops can be "activated" after they have been created. This means that once a loop is activated, all new feedbacks will be assigned to this loop. You can also re-activate the old loop if necessary.

The customer will see all the loops that are present in the current loop. That is, if you don't activate the new loop, the feedbacks will be assigned to the old loop. The customer cannot see the comments from a feedback.

Rename loops

Loops can be renamed if necessary. This loop name is also displayed to the customer in the tool.

Loops are not sorted by alphabet but by creation date.