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Feedback Handling

Working with feedback is not very complex, but still wants to be explained briefly.

Feedback list

After opening a project, a list with all feedbacks of the selected loops is displayed. This list can be filtered with the filter symbol.

Feedback Filter

The feedback can be filtered by various specifications. The different screen sizes can be shown and hidden (mobile, tablet and desktop). Then you can filter by titlte tag, feedbacker (customer:in), category (set by you or the customer) or status. To do this, simply click on the values in the corresponding drop-down menus.

Feedback entry

The list with all feedbacks already gives relatively far insight into a customer feedback. You can see the time, by whom the feedback was entered and on which device the feedback was given. In addition, one can see what type of feedback the customer chose. This mainly has an impact on how the feedback is displayed in the detail view.

Feedback done

Feedbacks can be marked as "done". With this they disappear from the list and are no longer in the way. If you want to show the done feedbacks again, you can simply click on the red checkmark in the upper right corner.

Feedback detail view

The detailed view of the feedbacks gives the most information about what kind of data has been collected.

Sort, track and organize

In this box you can make changes to the feedback and classify it if necessary. With this you can make adjustments and group the feedbacks for the filter function. These are functions that make it easier for you to keep track.


You have the possibility to reproduce the feedback exactly (if the website is available on the free internet). You can open a preview that renders the page in the original dimensions of the client's screen. If this does not reveal the error, it will also generate a screenshot showing the current "real" view of the customer. Possibly an unwanted state was created by several clicks.

Technical specifications

The technical specifications provide developers with a good insight into the device used by the customer. This allows to find out screen size, operating system, scroll position and browser.


The comments column offers all team members an internal exchange about the given feedback. Team members can see in the list if there are any unread changes.

Prioritization / Completion

If a feedback has been entered, it can be prioritized with the yellow button. If it is done, it is marked as done with the "Done" button. With this the feedback also disappears from the list.

Feedback follow-ups

When a feedback has been entered, various measures can be taken. On the one hand, a discussion can be started internally via comments or other tools. If certain things have to be asked to the customer, there is a button "Send email" at the top, which adds the current feedback text directly to a new email.