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In order to start feedbacking on your website, this website must be registered in the Desk (you can see how this works here). After that you only need the corresponding password and you can start feedbacking directly.

Step 1: Enter password

To activate Loopdesk on your website, you need a link that contains the password for the tool. Either this link was sent to you. If not, you can enter the password manually in the link. It would look like this: http://url-deiner-webseite.io/?loopdesk=[password]

The password will be verified directly and you will see the launch button in the bottom right corner. If this is not the case, check if you have entered the correct password and check if Loopdesk has been integrated correctly on your website (see article here).

Step 2: Start Loopdesk

Click on the Start button at the bottom right. First you will be asked for your name and email address. The toolbar will open and then you can start feedbacking.

Step 3: Feedback

Select the feedback selector of your choice from the toolbar. Use the selector item if you don't know which type to choose. Otherwise have a look at this overview (link to support article about feedback types).