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Basic App Features

This article gives a brief overview of how to best use the app. This describes the full feature set and provides references to more detailed articles.


To gain access to the app, a user account is mandatory. Anyone with a valid email address can create an account and then gain access to the app.

The app will show you a tutorial on how to correctly integrate the app into your website each time you create a new project. In addition, you can create a "feedback link" for all environments, which activates Loopdesk on the respective pages.

The app is available in English and German.

Manage projects

After logging in, you will land on the dashboard. There you can create projects, open available ones, search for projects or view archived projects.

Manage feedbacks

Once a project is opened, its feedbacks can be viewed. You can see a lot of details that are hidden with verbal or written feedback. The feedbacks can be sorted or assigned. In addition, comments can be made between developers in the respective feedback.

Organize loops

Feedbacks are mostly given in "feedback loops". It is roughly comparable to the file name endings like "_v1" and "_v2" ect. With a new loop, the client can also start again with a blank sheet.


When a few feedbacks have been accumulated over time, you may want to archive them with the project. Therefore all feedbacks can be exported from the app.

Manage teams

In an agency, there are usually several people working on a project. Therefore you can create a team in Loopdesk, to which projects can be assigned. This way, each team member sees what is happening in the respective projects and all of them can intervene in it.

The creator of the team must have a Loopdesk AGENCY subscription.


Your Loopdesk profile can be edited directly from anywhere. A profile picture makes the tool a bit more lively 😉


Loopdesk subscription is solved directly from the app. It is possible to choose between plans and then pay by credit card. If there is an active subscription, then past invoices can be viewed or the subscription can be cancelled at any time.

Feedback and ideas

We are of course very happy about feedback, praise, criticism and other input. You can therefore write us a few lines below on the right if you like. Of course you can also reach us at info@loopdesk.io.

We wish you a lot of fun using Loopdesk!