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Get user feedback simply and efficiently with the loopdesk features

Loopdesk aims to provide all the functions necessary for successful communication between client and agency. There are as many functions as necessary to make the process as efficient as possible.

Get user feedback simply and efficiently with the loopdesk features

Convenient feedback manager dashboard

Loopdesk makes it very easy for you to request feedback and then edit and manage it.

Loopdesk offers multiple feedback types like content, dot and element feedback.

Multiple feedback-types (content, dot and element feedback)

Loopdesk offers different types of feedback types. With the content feedback you can directly suggest typos or images to replace. But there is also the element feedback, with which you can leave a comment on certain titles or sections.

With the Content-Feedback of Loopdesk, you can automatically replace the inserted text

Content-Feedback is automatically replacing the inserted text

It's never been easier to replace a short typo in a paragraph or the image of a gallery. With the feedback type "Content" it is very easy to insert it and you even get a preview of how it might look then. In addition, the developer is very pleasantly shown a before/after view.

Loopdesk can safely be implemented in a live page

Safely be implemented in a live page (and only dedicated users will see the feedback)

Loopdesk's script can be safely integrated into the live site. This is especially useful if the site needs to do without DEV or STAGE environment or there should be a continuous improvement process on the website.

You can upload files and images whilte giving a feedback

Easily upload files/images while giving a feedback

With each feedback it is possible to add a file. Thus, larger texts or a new image can be sent to the developer.

Organize your feedback in loops - like you usually do

Organize your feedback in loops - like you usually do

"Giving feedback" is not a single event. Creating a website or a web app is a process and therefore extends over a longer period of time. With Loopdesk, you can group your feedback into loops and thus have an overview of what was reported in which feedback round. Of course, feedback can also be moved back and forth between the loops.

With Loopdesk, the customer does not need a login.

Not require login from your customers

As is so often the case, explicit accounts need to be created for new services. Not so with Loopdesk for your customers. Your customer can only start Loopdesk with a special link and then only has to enter his name and mail address. And feedbacking is already possible.

With Loopdesk you can organize the feedbacks and work in teams

Allowes you to organize in teams and chat within each other

Developing for the web is no longer done alone. The most important thing is teamwork. Loopdesk allows a (arbitrarily large) team to implement feedback together and even chat with each other.

Loopdesk provieds screenshots and previews of errors

Provides screenshots and previews of errors

Depending on the error, it is relevant to see the page exactly as the user saw it. For each feedback Loopdesk provides a screenshot, which shows the current view of the customer.

Loopdesk is a tool made for agencies and web-freelancers

For agencies and web-freelancers

Our field of application is large in the website service provider area. We have plans for individual freelancers through agencies to smaller large companies.

With Loopdesk you can offer a simple way to gather feedback from agency-customers

Simple way to gather feedback from agency-customers

In traditional agency work, a lot is done via e-mails and Google sheets. But that doesn't have to be the case, because most of the time information is missing, which leads to additional work. With Loopdesk you are not left in the dark and have a tool at hand that is tailored exactly to your use case.

Give Loopdesk a try!

You can test Loopdesk for free with one project for as long as you want. Upgrading to the "Freelancer" plan is very easy and can be done directly in the app.