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We are proud to finally present Loopdesk. A tool that does justice to the feedbacking of web applications and can offer you exactly the functionality to simplify the feedback process for you and your customers. In this first post we want to tell you how Loopdesk came to be and review the last few months before we get ready for the next development phase.

We used to use Excel spreadsheets to get feedback from our customers. It was the better alternative to sending mails back and forth. But in many ways these spreadsheets were unsuitable for our use case for the following reasons.

  • For each feedback, the customer had to fill in way too many columns and write in a short text what exactly they meant. Especially for customers without web expertise this was tedious.

  • Often enough, these feedbacks were formulated in a way that was misleading, which led to follow-up questions or incorrect implementation.

  • The structure on these tables was missing: you could not sort feedacks as you would like or hide implemented feedback.

  • Often we had to search links for shared tables in old emails or chat histories, because there was no notification for new entries.

  • And Excel spreadsheets look massively unprofessional. For this reason alone, we would have liked to have our own tool.

During a lunch break in early 2021 we realized again how unhappy we were about this feedback process. We asked ourselves how we would do it differently. That same day after work, we programmed a prototype of our idea in a super-spontaneous mini-hackathon.

The result of this hackathon was quite impressive: with the very rudimentary tool, one could set points on a web page and comment directly. Moreover, this project already had a name: Loopdesk.

In the following weeks, we realized more and more the potential of Loopdesk. In the fall of 2021 we started with the real programming of this tool based on the already programmed prototype. And now, here we are, Loopdesk can now be used by everyone around the world.

The development of this tool has taken its time, but has given us immense pleasure. We have experimented a lot, solved many bugs and discussed a lot. Before we continue programming, we want to know how you use Loopdesk and are looking forward to your suggestions for improvement.

Until then, happy looping!