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we love looping through websites

We are a small web agency from Switzerland. With Loopdesk we want to finally simplify the feedbacking of web projects.

And no, that's not us. We simply don't have any photos yet....

This is when Loopdesk was born

Due to a lack of good alternatives, we used to use Excel lists to collect feedback from our customers. Yes, it was a rather tedious process. For the customer, but also for us. On the one hand, the customer had way too many columns to fill in and always had to formulate exactly what he meant (rather difficult for someone who is not so tech-savvy). And then we always had to try to understand what the customer meant exactly. In addition, this simple table had too little system and was too non-functional for our taste.

It was mid-April 2021, after the go live of a major project, when we discussed our feedback process during a lunch break. We wondered if it would be possible to provide feedback directly on a website and discussed how we could get it technically programmed. Shortly after, we decided to implement this idea in a hackathon (I would rather call this venture a mini-hackathon, three of us programmed in our meeting room after work one evening).

But what came out of this mini-hackathon thrilled us all: not only had we found the coolest name for this project, but we had also developed a small rudimentary tool that allowed you to set points on the website and then comment directly on them.

After the hackathon, we realized the potential of Loopdesk. We put the programming on hold for the time being, but continued to develop the idea of Loopdesk. Half a year later, in the fall of 2021, the full-scale development started on the basis of the already programmed prototype.

Give Loopdesk a try!

You can test Loopdesk for free with one project for as long as you want. Upgrading to the "Freelancer" plan is very easy and can be done directly in the app.